Kaehler’s Mill Farm is located on Kaehler’s Mill Road in the oxbow of Cedar Creek, just north of historic Cedarburg, Wisconsin. Calves are born beginning in late April, continuing into summer. You are welcome to visit.

Quiet, Chemical-Free Pastures

The 90-acre farm is given over to small pastures bounded by wooded hedgerows and a small stream,where Kay and Steve Castner raise their registered Galloway cattle. The fields are free of herbicides and pesticides. The cattle rotate through lush pastures in the spring, summer and fall, and eat alfalfa hay in the winter. Kaehler’s Mill Farm uses Management Intensive Grazing and other sustainable agriculture methods and is designated by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources as a Milwaukee River Watershed Cooperator.

Management Intensive Grazing

Management Intensive Grazing is a set of practices that is used to develop and maintain high-quality pasture. It requires from three to five years to develop a high-quality pasture of grasses and legumes. Kaehler’s Mill Farm overseeds pastures each spring to maintain the quality.  The mix of pasture plants is brome, timothy and blue grasses and ladino clover.  The clover is especially nutritious and palatable, and adds natural nitrogen to the soil.  Cattle are grazed in paddocks, which are subdivisions of larger pastures. The livestock are moved to fresh paddocks at intervals of twice a day to every three days, depending on stocking and growing rates.