We at Kay’s HomeFarm™ raise gourmet Black Galloway Beef for you, Purely Pastured™ without finishing grain, processed feeds, maintenance antibiotics or artificial growth hormones. We raise our beef on pasture to be naturally tender, juicy and tasty.

Kay’s HomeFarm™ gourmet Black Galloway Beef is closely trimmed, cut into convenient portions, packaged in clear Cryovac, and fresh frozen.

You can buy Kay’s HomeFarm™ gourmet Black Galloway Beef at our farm near Cedarburg, Wisconsin.

Kay’s HomeFarm™ is listed on the Eat Wild web site, the nutrition authority for grass-fed products. Read about Jo Robinson’s book: Pasture Perfect!


Beef Package

Convenience Pack. A cubic foot of Purely Pastured™  boneless gourmet steaks, two-pound roasts, sirloin tip kabob cubes, tender stew meat, Philly steaks and ground beef in one-pound bulk packages and one-third pound patties. Weight is always over 25 pounds at the $269. Beef order form (PDF).

To order

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